Repatterning 1/1 · Wanda Gaimes January 30, 2023

Wanda Gaimes talks about raving and liberation, community and grief, kinship and work, cultural space and housing, and local internationalism.

“Lecken has been explicitly feminist from the beginning — and by that, I don’t just mean in a “femme to the front, women to the front” way, but feminist in the sense of having a politics that goes beyond just inclusion and representation — a politics where we try to constantly trouble the status quo, and educate ourselves further about what the stakes are for personal and collective liberation.”

Wanda Gaimes

Wanda Gaimes

Wanda Gaimes is a freelance lecturer, writer, and curator.

Wanda’s interests span socialist theory and praxis, radical feminisms, queer liberation, and underground culture-making. After earning her PhD in Political Science from McMaster University in Canada, she moved to Berlin, where she pursued a post-doctoral fellowship and worked as a lecturer at Humboldt University.

Her work has been published in various social studies journals, including New Left Review and Theory & Event, and her book Volunteer Tourism in the Global South: Giving Back in Neoliberal Times appeared via Routledge in 2015. Since co-founding the queer-feminist club culture collective Lecken in 2016, Wanda has contributed to various stage productions, and performed at HAU, Sophiensaele, and Deutschland Tanzkongress. Wanda DJs under the name Skankstasy and she is the discourse program director for Whole: United Queer Festival.


Repatterning is a series of talks about being turned inside out. It is about the experience of being radically upended, the work of dreaming, and the ghosts that travel along the way. Concentric circles rippling outwards from art, crisis, music, sickness, reinvention, mourning, renewal, collapse, and enchantment. Picking through the remnants and imagining what might emerge, as the grains of sand pile upwards, the hope drone swells, the gamelan chimes, and the distant bells peal.

Repatterning is available via RSS, and via Apple or Google, with occasional glimpses on social media.