Repatterning 0 · An Introduction January 9, 2023

Hi. Here is a short introduction to this series. It’s called Repatterning. We are Kata and Tom. We’re intending to release each episode as part of a ‘season’ of around ten interviews at a time. We’ll let you know about the badges.

Repatterning is a series of talks about being turned inside out. It is about the experience of being radically upended, the work of dreaming, and the ghosts that travel along the way. Concentric circles rippling outwards from art, crisis, music, sickness, reinvention, mourning, renewal, collapse, and enchantment. Picking through the remnants and imagining what might emerge, as the grains of sand pile upwards, the hope drone swells, the gamelan chimes, and the distant bells peal.

Repatterning is available via RSS, and via Apple or Google, with occasional glimpses on social media.